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St. Louis Appliance Removal

Exciting time may be had while replacing that old, inefficient appliance—that is, until the moment you remember that you have to get rid of the old ones right away. They take up a lot of room and if they are put away for an excessively long time they may even become a breeding ground for insects and other unwanted pests. Calling us is your best chance for getting rid of your old appliance in Saint Louis and the nearby regions. We are the most reliable service in the area.

Because of their size and weight, many obsolete home equipment can be quite challenging to dispose of. Most of the time, the garbage collection service in your town will not pick up the appliances that you set at the curb if the appliances are too large for the vehicle that they use. Because of this, it is a fantastic idea to have a business that you can call for aid in removing them in an appropriate and secure manner.

Over the years, our team has assisted both residential and business clients in the disposal of a vast number of obsolete electronic devices and equipment. The following is a list of appliances included in our appliance removal service:

  • air conditioners,
  • dishwashers,
  • clothes dryers,
  • drying cabinets,
  • freezers,
  • refrigerators,
  • kitchen stoves,
  • water heaters,
  • washing machines,
  • trash compactors,
  • microwave ovens,
  • and much more!

Call Us To Schedule Your Appliance Removal

When you give us a call for your old appliance removal, we will provide you with a specific time and date for our visit to your location. You may have peace of mind knowing that our crew will arrive promptly and that they will be all geared up and ready to remove the old appliances you want gone taken out from your home.

Throughout the years, we have completed projects involving appliance removal and of junk and garbage not just in St. Louis but also in other areas. We take great satisfaction in the fact that we have a team of specialists that are not only highly qualified but also courteous, helpful, and always ready to assist our customers. Because we are a business that places a high priority on satisfying our clients, you can anticipate receiving nothing short than exceptional service from us. When we are absolutely certain that you are pleased with the service that we provided, we will consider our work to have been completed.

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